A few weeks ago, I ran a poll on and asking a simple question:

Which human skill do you think is most essential to building great products?

As you’re reading an article on empathy, you probably have a pretty good idea of what came…

Artwork by LIz and Mollie

The foundation of a healthy, cohesive and effective organisation — product or otherwise — is healthy and well people.

While we may not realise it, especially in our remote-working world, but the feelings and emotions that each person experiences impacts their team members, and the collective team feelings and emotions…

How Product Leaders can better understand and live with Imposter Syndrome- Part 1

Art by Lisa Engler

In 1978, graduate students Suzanne Imes and Pauline Rose Clance had feelings of just not being good enough and of being frauds despite their high level of achievements. …

And the skills that need the most practice may not be what you’re focused on

A Product Practice is based on what we do and how we do it. You can’t have one without the other.

I recently meet-up with the Director of Product at cybersecurity firm to talk about a few challenges that she was having transitioning into her new role.

The director, let’s call her Jenny, was six month…

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It may seem like a strange time to talk about hiring. I get that. We’re in the midst of massive changes in how we work and live that have created dramatic levels of job-loss across industries, and many companies are hesitant about hiring in this moment.

But (and there’s always…

Me, @2001 in a Marriott sports bar

Source: Abi Skinner

There I was. Sitting in a Marriott hotel sports bar in downtown Chicago in the middle of the afternoon on a weekday having a drink with a good friend — and suddenly former colleague — when I said that phrase out loud.


Photo credit: Angie Torres, FLICKR

How are those 2019 goals and resolutions coming along?

According to the US News and World Report, 80% of New Year resolutions fail by February — so if you’re like the majority of us, those well-intentioned, heartfelt goals you set a few weeks ago have become faint memories by now.


One key reason is simply that we’re not…

Disney’s 1943 Organisational Chart

Organizational Awareness: The Leader’s Sixth Sense

In our product management community, we rightly place a great deal of attention on the people who are going to use our products. We are constantly answering that seemingly basic (yet challenging) question: What problem are we trying to solve for customers? We test our ideas again and again. …

England win on penalties against Colombia. Credit:Bournemouth Echo

Remember the last time you made a mistake in a big meeting, or received “constructive” feedback in front of others? …

The biggest opportunity for improvement — in business, at home, and in life — is awareness.

— Alan Mulally, former CEO of Ford Motor Company

In 2006, Alan Mulally took over as president and CEO of a struggling Ford Motor Company. Ford’s glory days as one of America’s top automotive…

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